Life In The Playboy Mansion With Hugh Hefner Revealed

It’s been over ten years since the juicy reality show The Girls Next Door burst onto our screens – giving us a never-before-seen insight into the lives of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends in the Playboy mansion.

If the show wasn’t scandalous enough for you, there have since been some shocking secrets revealed about the series from the girls who lived right through it: Holly, Kendra and Bridget.

Now that the legend owner Hugh Hefner has sadly passed at 91, take a look at the behind the scenes secrets from the infamous show.


1. Strict Weekly Schedule

Hefner was obsessed with things being kept to a routine, so all the girls had to stick to a tight weekly regime. This consisted of things like ‘Fun In The Sun Sundays’ where a pool party was held and a screening of a new film in the mansion’s movie theater as well as ‘Family Night Tuesdays’ where Hefner’s ex wife and sons would come over. Awkward.

2. No Freedom

The strict plan, that even included Hefner’s ‘sexual rituals’, was hated by all the Playboy girls. Even when they were in a club they weren’t allowed to talk to any other men and had to dance right by Hefner the whole night.

3. Dodgy Drug Deals

Hefner was known to offer the girls drugs when out at glamorous high-profile parties and events. Holly Madison revealed that during her first interaction with Hefner at an LA nightclub, the millionaire offered her drugs. When she said no, Hugh was surprisingly okay with it.

4. $1000 Clothing Allowance Each Week

Hefner’s girlfriends were given the weekly allowance to spend on clothes and weren’t allowed to spend it on anything else or save it. They could also use the house account at Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills.

5. Swanky Cars

Hefner wanted all his girls to be seen driving around in nice expensive cars, but he didn’t want to give them the independence of their own flashy vehicle. He would get each girlfriend a car on lease so they could promote the lavishness of the Playboy brand. He wanted full control of the girls.

6. The Girls Couldn’t Speak During Hefner’s Interviews

The Playboy girls were just an accessory on Hef’s shoulders whilst he was being interviewed by the press. They couldn’t speak whilst Hefner was being asked questions.

7. Constant Drama

Hefner is described as a ‘mean girl trapped in an old man’s body’ with him always trying to create drama in the mansion and pitting the girls against each other.

8. The ‘Main Girlfriend’ Role Wasn’t As Great As It Sounds

From the outside we would assume the girls would all want to become Hefner’s ‘main girlfriend’. The prestigious role was actually just a lot more stress with them having no privacy due to sleeping in Hefner’s bed. The main girlfriend also doesn’t get any extra perks.

9. The Playboy Chef

The mansion has a cook that offers the girls any food they like 24 hours a day.

10. Initiation

Holly claims that no girl would become Hefner’s girlfriend or invited to live in the mansion if they didn’t have sex with the businessman first. It was used as an initiation to see if Hugh wanted them to be part of his Playboy world.

11. But Kendra Claimed She Didn’t Know Sex Was Involved

Kendra Wilkison revealed that before she joined the Playboy mansion she didn’t get told sex would have to be a part of it. Hugh asked her to join his group of girls, so she obliged considering she was living in a small studio flat and struggling for money. It was only once she was in the famous mansion that she realised pleasing Hugh in the bedroom department was a requirement. Holly insists Kendra is lying.

12. Trapped Inside

Holly revealed that the large metal gates would make the girls feel trapped in the mansion. “Everyone thinks that infamous metal gate was meant to keep people out. But I grew to feel it was meant to lock me in.”

13. A Fixed Plot

As suspected, just before every season producers and cast members would sit down and discuss the plot for the upcoming episodes.

14. Not So Glamorous On The Inside

From the outside, the famous mansion looks glamorous and grand, but former Playboy girl Holly admits that inside its not so glam. Hefner’s house is dilapidated on the inside with stained carpets and cheap and tacky decor.

15. Secret Filming

When The Girls Next Door first began filming, Holly, Kendra and Bridget all said they were comfortable to get changed in front of the cameras as they knew that the TV production team would blur it out when it came to being shown on screen. What they didn’t know was that the footage would be sold to foreign markets where nudity on TV was allowed. 

16. The Girls Were Paid $0 For The Show

When the first season aired, the Playboy girls were paid absolutely nothing for their participation. Even when they did Playboy magazine photoshoots they were paid the minimal price. 

17. Suffering With Depression

Shortly after Holly Madison began filming for The Girls Next Door, she was prescribed with Effexor – a drug that treats depression. 

18. A Tempting Will

Holly admitted that when she broke it off with Hefner, he left a copy of his will on her bed showing her she could have been entitled to $3 million if she’d stayed with him and lived in the mansion at the time of his death. 

19. It’s No Longer As Exclusive

The mansion used to hold infamous parties which could only be attended by hot celebrities and those who were invited. It’s not so much of a commodity anymore meaning tickets can be bought to attend the parties and it’s no longer as exclusive. The Playboy business is definitely suffering.

20. Hefner Doesn’t Know How To Use A DVR

The millionaire has his staff record anything he wants to watch on TV as he doesn’t understand how it works.

21. Hefner’s Net Worth

In September 2017 Hugh passed away at the age of 91 after an incredible and memorable career. It is estimated that Hugh was once worth over $200 million, but thanks to the demise of Playboy in the 00’s, he leaves behind $50 million in net worth.

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