The Plumber Rap! Super Mario Bros.: The Best Emergency Plumbers Ever!

Saw this video posted on the Seattle Plumbing & Repair Facebook page and it brought me back to my days of Nintendo and the Super Mario Bros.

Plumbing is their game!

You in for a treat, hang onto your seat!

There are no two plumbers as cool as Mario & Lougi. They absolutely made emergency plumbing cool. Saving the Princess from the evil Bowser while repairing water heaters, unclogging toilets and fixing septic tanks at the same time.

Damn I miss those days!



If you can't afford Mario or Luigi and are looking for the best 24 hour plumbing service in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah and Kirkland, WA, check out Seattle Plumbing & Repair emergency plumbers.

Take a New Direction With Your Hair

Let's face it. Going bald sucks. I mean it is simply a tragedy to start to lose something that has been a part of you since the beginning. When I discovered that I was thinning up a bit on top, I was depressed for weeks. But what could I do? Obviously genetics were screwing me over, but was there really nothing that I could do? 

I decided to do a bit of online research to see what exactly I could do to help stop my hair loss and help make it grow back faster before it was all gone. 

I came across one site after the other who were just trying to sell me things and telling me that the only way to solve my hair loss problem is to get a hair transplant or another gross and invasive surgery. That is until I discovered one site that stood out.

New Directions Hair Transplants knows just how much going bald sucks, but they also know that the user doesn't want to read a bunch of crap - they want the real deal. That is why they have created a unique and honest online resource for those who are suffering from hair loss. Instead of shoving some generic marketing down your throats, they have decided to provide a vast variety of information on EVERY hair loss and hair restoration solution - including natural hair growth options

For instance, did you know that garlic is good for hair loss? I just tried a natural shampoo for hair growth made from coconut milk, rosemary, lavender oil, honey and green tea. Not your average shampoo, but I have started to notice a difference. 

So if you are suffering from hair loss or are looking for hair loss clinics and treatments in Highland Park, make sure to check out New Directions.



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